Project – Café with a Cause

This project aims at empowering the lives of third gender population by skilling them through different training programs. This project aims at teaching

  • Restaurant English and personality development to third gender working at café
  • Computer education through government approved courses
  • Basics in beauty and hair for third gender to help them in earning their livelihood Aim of this project is to include them in society and to create an awareness among people on inclusive society.

More than 5 third genders have benefited from this so far.

This training also includes training transgender students in soft skills and at the same time encouraging community members to include them in the society.

Café with a cause takes place in a Café known as Third Eye Café in Navi Mumbai – the only café in India which employs transgender employees.

Beauty and skin care courses are run separately as a part of skilling programs for third genders.

Watch video of this project:

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